Your guide to effective Social Media Marketing.

Your guide to effective Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Marketing is any business’ way of growing its audience and promoting the goods or services they have to offer. A few years ago when Social Media had just begun to surface, some businesses thought it to be a trend that will eventually fade. Smart and far sighted business owners understood the significance of Social Media and realised that it is here to stay. Social media has seeped its way deep into the lives of every person across the globe. Even in third world countries, mobile phones with internet packages allowing access to basic social media websites have become increasingly accessible and affordable for people from all social classes. It has become potent for businesses to know their way to effective Social Media Marketing to reach their targeted audience. Social media has enabled businesses in ways that traditional means of marketing could not have. 

Social Media Marketing allows businesses to reach people all across the globe. It saves cost and time. It allows display of large amounts of data just at the tip of their customers fingers. Online testimonials have become a great way of increasing your business’ popularity, something that is far more superior than just word of mouth. 

In order for a business to achieve their marketing goals, they must know the tips and tricks that make their Social Media Marketing strategies successful. 

Social Media Marketing tips you must always use 

Be Present

This is the first and the most basic step. If you are a business owner doing perfectly fine in your domain, it is still very important for you to have an online presence. It allows more people looking for a business similar to yours to identify you online. It increases the number of your potential customers. Having a social media presence will also allow you to present a detailed overview of the goods and services you offer. You can add more details such as contact information and your location. People that have businesses that offer day to day goods such as a bakery are now online too. Their social media platforms helps them display their work, communicate with their customers and advertise to a wider audience.

Be Honest

It is very important to give accurate information about your business and the goods and services it has to offer. Clickbaits are overrated, they may attract a larger audience to your online social media handle but will not benefit you in the long run. Being honest will help you build your reputation as a credible business. It will allow a business to gain loyal and long term customers that keep coming back to you for the wonderful experience. 

Build a relationship

Customers are extremely important to any business. Social Media Marketing enables businesses to develop a relationship with its customers. It enables a two way communication between them. You may use online representatives or AI based chatbots to make the customer feel like their queries are always welcome. Making your customers feel significant and responding to their queries promptly will help you acquire their trust in your business.


Nothing ruins a first impression on a Social Media website than incorrect spelling and poor vocabulary does. It is always important to hire a person that looks into the details of your content. A content specialist will devise the text body, suggest images and ensure that there isn’t anything offensive or controversial about your social media content. You must proofread your content for your Social Media Marketing over and over again to make sure you have included all important aspects of the information you want to give out. It will also help you ensure that you have used correct spelling, grammar and vocabulary. It is also important to establish that your information is well segmented to make your content appear coherent. 

Things you must never do

Limit yourself to just one social media platform 

Don’t limit your business to just one kind of social media platform because once you are in the game you just might conquer on all fronts. In order to appear available at every Social media website it is important that you have a well managed account on all websites that is active and interactive. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are some the most commonly used websites for marketing purposes. 

Shut out negative feedback 

In case of any negative feedback or comments, it is crucial to respond. It shows that your business owns all of their customers, even the unhappy ones. Responding to negative feedback well on time and professionally will demonstrate an eagerness to improve your customers experience with your business. 


Going overboard with the number of posts you share from your social media business accounts is never a good idea. The idea of sharing with your customers is to keep them reminded of your business but to over do might just irritate them. Allow your customer’s homepage on any social media platform the space for a variety of other posts. If you begin to spam their timelines with posts about your business, they might just choose to unfollow your online portals. 

Social media marketing strategies like conventional marketing techniques can be revised and refined over time. Businesses have the opportunity to assess what works best for them and what doesn’t. Knowing the right tricks to conduct your online marketing can yield long term advantages. If you have anything to add to our list, please share in the comments below.

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